Integrated Freewheels FXRU

  • FXRU Bild
  • Integrated Freewheels FXRU
    for bolting to the face, with torque limiting
    with sprag lift-off X and release function

    Application as

    • Backstop

    for continuous conveyor installations with multiple drives in which each drive is equipped with a backstop.


    Integrated Freewheels FXRV are sprag freewheels without bearing support and with sprag lift-off X. They consist of the Integrated Freewheels FXM with additional torque limiter.
    The sprag lift-off X ensures a wear-free free­wheeling operation when the inner ring ­rotates at high speed.


    • Protection of gearboxes from overload by unequal load distribution in multiple drives
    • Protection of gearboxes from dynamic peak torques during the locking process
    • Smaller gearboxes can be used without negatively effecting the safety
    • Protection of the backstops, as dynamic peak torques are reduced by temporarily slipping
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